September 28, 2023
3D Crystal Faceted Tapered Tower

A magnificent obelisk made of crystal, this award will catch the eye of any recipient. With plenty of area for personalization, this award is perfect for commending a deserving employee. It is laserable and comes with a gift box.

Designed by celebrated design studio Nendo, Soft Pond plays with compositions of color and light. The line of candleholders and vases features a variety of mellow hues, brass effects, and gunmetal.

Diamond shaped crystal columns rise up high

Diamond is a remarkable material for micro/nanofabrication of optomechanical/nanomechanics devices and sensors due to its superior mechanical properties, broad optical transparency combined with biocompatibility in bulk and nano-structures. However, the growth of wafer-scale high quality single crystal diamond (SCD) is limited and expensive, while top-down nano-structuring methods relying on plasma-induced damage or implantation based methods for color centers creation may result in variations from device to device.

Recently, several advanced top-down diamond nano-structuring techniques have been developed to achieve new configurations of nanophotonic/nanomechanics devices with improved photonic or mechanical performances. The fabrication processes involve E-beam lithography and dry etching steps. The SEM image in the inset shows a patterned diamond nanoladder cantilever realized by applying a sequence of E-beam lithography and controlled dry etching. The nanoladder cantilever has a trapezoidal cross-section, base diameter of 900 nm and tip height of 1.2 um.

The black and clear crystal create a distinctive look for this free-standing award that features beveled, faceted edges that extend from the flat rectangular front area to the tall, slanted peaks on the top of the piece. This unique award can be engraved with your company logo, image and recipient’s name to celebrate their accomplishments. Packaged in a handsome gift box, this trophy is the perfect way to recognize your star performers for their hard work.

The back is completely flat for personalization

This free-standing crystal award features a flat front area with a slanted top and black base. It offers plenty of room for a 3D Crystal Faceted Tapered Tower. The facets catch and reflect light for a dramatic effect. It is the perfect way to recognize a star performer or celebrate a milestone achievement.

Kristie Wolfe is no stranger to DIY projects, having built a Hawaiian treehouse and hobbit house in Washington state. Now she’s converting a former fire lookout tower into an Airbnb rental. She’s outfitted the secluded retreat with basic off-grid gear and even added solar lights. She also used a bomb and Spin Attack to open up a shortcut, making it much easier to get around.

The faceted taper tower photo crystal is a beautiful gift to recognize an individual for their accomplishments. It has ample space for a 3-D engraved image and a motivational quote. It is sure to make them feel special, and will last a long time.

There are many different ways to personalize this crystal award, which is why it’s so versatile. You can choose a theme that fits the recipient’s interests or personality. Some of the themes available include zodiacs, sports, him or her, pets, art pieces, and religion. 3D Laser Gifts has a large selection of keepsakes that can be personalized to fit any occasion.

The front has a diamond shaped flat area for personalization

The front of this faceted tapered tower crystal award offers plenty of space for a 3D engraved image and a motivational message. The facets catch the light and reflect color for dimension and sparkle. The result is a stunning award that will be cherished by your recipient. The crystal obelisk has a slanted top and is mounted on a black crystal base. This prestigious award is the perfect choice for recognizing excellence and success.

This crystalline obelisk is a beautiful way to recognize those who shine like a diamond. With its dazzling clear obelisk and contrasting black crystal base, this eye-catching award is the ideal choice for honoring a true gem. It also makes an excellent gift to commemorate a significant milestone.

This lookout tower can be accessed via the Forgotten Crossroads, or through King’s Pass west of Dirtmouth. The area is full of killer jars, so be sure to protect yourself! There’s a Crystal Switch at the bottom of this area that will open up another shortcut. This area is a mix of platforming and some off-grid exploration. It’s also home to a Lizalfos that needs to be killed. Be careful when navigating this area, as it requires precise timing to avoid the crushers. It’s worth it, though. The view is incredible! It’s one of the best in the game.

The beautiful piece has a blue crystal accent from the bottom

The unique cuts and angles of this tower award make it appear 3 dimensional from the front. This stunning modern award is a beautiful way to recognize a deserving employee or team. It can be personalized for your event or celebration and comes with a black crystal base or pedestal for added elegance.

This impressive crystal obelisk is the perfect gift to honor an individual’s hard work and dedication. Its slanted peak reaches for the sky, and is carved from flawless optic crystal to show off its brilliance. This award is a beautiful way to reward the highest achievers in any organization.

With a diamond-like crystal accent from the bottom, this crystal obelisk is sure to catch the eye of your recipient. Its facets reflect color to create dazzle and dimension, and its flat back allows for personalization. The base is black and includes a gift box.

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