September 28, 2023

If you’re looking for a disposable vape that’s convenient, durable, and easy to use, the Esco Bar Mesh is a great choice. It’s packed with a variety of flavors and offers all the functionality you’d expect from a disposable device.

The Pink Lemonade flavor is a refreshing taste of summer. It combines the freshness of watermelon with the coolness of ice to provide a satisfying experience.

Strawberry Ice

The sweet ripe strawberry flavor in this Esco Bar Mesh Vape Pen is enhanced with cool menthol to make it even more refreshing. It is the perfect choice for adult vapers who miss Juul’s Mint and Mango flavors but still want something that is easy to use without swapping pods every time they want to try a new flavor.

The Pastel Cartel 2500 puff Esco Bars disposable vape pens are some of the most popular available because they offer amazing flavour quality and functionality. These disposable vape pens feature a 6ml prefilled e-liquid capacity and a huge 1000mAh battery that is capable of giving you up to 2500 puffs.

The Salt nic juices in the Esco Bars are all 50mg of nicotine strength and offer satisfying throat hits, reasonable vapor production, and good durability. The Esco Bars are also compact enough to fit in your pocket, which is perfect if you’re looking for a portable vaping device that you can take anywhere!

Orange Limeade

The Orange Limeade from Esco Bar Mesh is a refreshing and unique spin on tart limeade with a sweet orange flavor. The fusion of juicy orange, zesty lemon, and fresh lime flavors creates an ultra portable disposable vape that will transport you to a tropical paradise with every puff.

The Pastel Cartel collection of 2500-puff disposable vapes from Esco Bar offers a 6mL prefilled e-liquid capacity and a powerful 1000mAh battery. Each of these disposable vapes comes in 50mg (5%) nicotine strength and has a mesh coil design that provides unmatched flavor in every puff.

The Orange Limeade from Esco Mesh is an amazing beverage vape that is sure to please even the most discerning adult vaper. The sour citrus tang cuts through the sugary sweetness while the limeade flavor leaves a syrupy and rich kick in your mouth.

Salted Caramel

Esco Bar Mesh disposable vape pens are a great option for Juul users who want to enjoy the flavors they love in an easy-to-use pre-filled pod system. These devices feature a classic cylindrical body and bold, striking colors with a 6ml capacity for 5% salt nicotine e-liquids.

The Esco Bar Mesh offers a variety of different flavors including the popular Salted Caramel. This salt nic juice features an indulgent combination of rich caramel and a pinch of savory salt notes to balance out the sweetness.

Other delicious fruity and icy tastes include Cotton Candy, Fiji Melons Ice, Fuji Apple Ice, Grape Ice, Gummy Bear, Snow Cone Ice, and Straw Nanners Ice. These salt nic vapes are perfect for anyone looking for a summertime flavor that will refresh their taste buds and satisfy their cravings.


The Esco Bar Mesh Disposable Vape is a new addition to the Pastel Cartel line of vaporizers. It offers smooth strong hits of flavored vapor for a fraction of the price of larger refillable vaporizers and smart rig models.

The device comes prefilled with 6ml of e-liquid that contains 50 mg of nicotine. It also features a large 1000mAh battery that will last up to 2500 puffs per disposable.

This is an excellent choice for anyone looking to find a Juul alternative with a more diverse selection of nic salt flavors. It is compact and portable, making it perfect for travel and everyday use.

Blue Raspberry

Blue Raspberry from Esco Bar Mesh delivers a perfectly sweet-tart combination of a variety of delicious blue raspberries to give you a satisfying vaping experience every time. You’ll definitely want to add this flavor to your collection of favorites.

The Esco Bar Mesh Disposable Vape features a solid material construction that is incredibly durable, making it perfect for everyday use. It also sports a striking look, featuring a cylindrical shape and a large mouthpiece.

This disposable device uses a 1000mAh battery, an equally matched 6mL nic salt e-liquid capacity, and 50mg of salt nicotine to deliver a huge range of satisfying flavors. It also comes with a handy draw-activation firing mechanism to provide an excellently smooth experience for your taste buds.